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Wall Street Hit With Existential Angst

Bloomberg – Watch as Known Holdings co-founder Valerie Red-Horse Mohl discusses the shifting culture on Wall Street, and changes that need to be made for women and minorities with Caroline Hyde, Sonali Basak, and Taylor Riggs on Bloomberg’s “What’d You Miss?”

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Wall Street Ends Crazy Year With Existential Angst and Big Bonuses

Bloomberg Wealth – Veterans of past Wall Street booms suggest that, somehow, this one doesn’t feel so good… One problem [with the culture of Wall Street], suggested veteran dealmaker Valerie Red-Horse Mohl, is that bankers focus on net-worth rather than meaning. “We’ve lacked a sense of community engagement and sustainability on Wall Street for over a century…”

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Shift Conference 2021: Business as a Force for Positive Change.

Valerie Red-Horse Mohl joins Shift to discuss what we can do as business leaders, entrepreneurs, systems change agents, and investors to make sure our capital flows and societal structures are lining up to support the kinds of communities and businesses that will lead us to the just, equitable, and regenerative future our children deserve.

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What Will Racial Equity Look Like?

ESG CLARITY • VALERIE RED-HORSE MOHL – “Defining racial equity is not easy to do, and it may make more sense to start with the more familiar topic of ESG. When I first transitioned from tribal finance to impact investing, I was amazed at…”

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We Have Many Names…“Redskins” is Not One of Them

MEDIUM • VALERIE RED-HORSE MOHL – “The increase in awareness and support recently stemming from the unfortunate incidents of police brutality seem to be leading to sustainable actions and change. Yet, there remains one topic that still elicits strong pushback and generates heated debate — the sports mascot issue…”

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